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Esoteric Islamic Books For Download (pdf Format)

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Posted 25 July 2007 - 09:41 PM


Established in 2006, Antioch Gate offers fascinating, rare and highly sought-after books and PDF eBooks, from / about the

Classical Age of Islamic Civilisation (circa 800-1700 CE).

The emphasis is on Arabic, Persian, Oriental and Islamic manuscripts and books, some, but not all, with a mystical / occult

Gnostic leaning.

You will not find direct religious instruction here, although you would be spoilt for choice if you used an internet search

engine for that purpose.

The eBooks are not found anywhere else in their complete form. It is most unlikely that they will be found elsewhere in hard

copy either.

Current Catalogue:

* Ghayat al-Hakim / Picatrix *

The Goal of the Wise. Here it is!

Ritter's critical Arabic text of this, the most important grimoire of magic ever written! Born in Muslim Spain, from the pen

of al-Majriti, this is the grandfather of all classic European grimoires.

A crucial manual of astrological magic. The black sheep of the European Renaissance, a revolution placing Man at the centre

of the Universe, able to forge his own destiny by manipulating nature.

Arabic with German footnotes, facsimile PDF eBook, 13 Megabytes, 432 pages


* Biruni - Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology *

(Kitab al-Tafhim li Awa'il Sina'at al-Tanjim)

A primer of 11th century science.

In this magnificent book, Abu Rayhan al-Biruni compares and contrasts different systems of astrology. Beginning with

sections on geometry and arithmetic, it leads to a thorough exposition of Ptolemaic astronomy that includes a detailed

description of the use of the astrolabe. There are subsequent sections on geography and chronology. Biruni insists that

no-one is entitled to call himself an Astrologer unless he possesses a thorough knowledge of these ancillary sciences.

Highlights include: a comprehensive list of more than 150 Lots, various forms of aspects and planetary relationships,

planetary positions relative to the sun, an excellent text on rulerships as well as comprehensive notes on weather and

meteorological phenomena.

This is Robert Ramsay Wright's 1934 critical English translation, based on Persian and Arabic manuscripts. This is the

complete work, not just a re-publication of the part on Astrology. This book is superior to Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos (written

in the 2nd century CE) and moreover, was unknown to mediæval European astrologers.

English with parallel Arabic / Persian text, fully bookmarked, facsimile PDF eBook, 22 Megabytes, xviii, 666 pages


* Ibn Sina - A Compendium on the Soul *

Avicena's offering to the Prince.

Translated from the Arabic original by Edward Abbott van Dyck.

A rare work of the illustrious Transoxanian polymath, Ibn Sina ("Avicena"/"Avicenna", as he is known in Europe). Islamic

philosophy, imbued as it is with theology, distinguishes more clearly than Aristotelianism the difference between essence

and existence. Avicena's metaphysical works demonstrate that he leaned more toward a philosophical comprehension of

metaphysics than one grounded in theology. In his Compendium on the Soul, he prioritises Universal Science (Being-as-such

and First Philosophy) over theology. The philosophy of Avicena, particularly that part relating to metaphysics, owes much to

Aristotle and to Al-Farabi.

English, bookmarked, facsimile PDF eBook, 12 Megabytes, 94 pages


* Dabistán-i Mazáhib *

(variously transcribed as Dabestan, -i Mazahab, al-Mazaheb, etc.)

The School of Manners.

The original 1843 English translation by Shea & Troyer. Includes huge amounts of text omitted in later republications.

Appended is the Persian-language1809 Calcutta edition.

English plus a Farsi edition, English translation fully bookmarked, zipped facsimile PDF eBook, 329 Megabytes {massive}, 4

volumes, 1,962 pages


* Ibn Tufayl - Hayy ibn Yaqzan / Bent el-Khass *

"Living Son of the Vigilant" / "The Awakening of the Soul".

"In which is demonstrated by what Methods one may...attain the Knowledge of things NATURAL and SUPERNATURAL".
Translated from the Arabic original by Simon Ockley and edited by Edward Abbott van Dyck.

This intense philosophical tract, which also surveys the major thinkers of the age besides making its own hypothesis in the

form of a kind of "novel", was widely read, and came to inspire the British author Daniel Defoe to write his Robinson


Appended is a very rare work in French and Arabic called La L
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